Mathematics of Data Science


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Types of contributions

MathODS will provide a venue for two types of contribution.

Contributed talk (20 min. + 10 min. questions, single track)

Talks will be 20 min. long followed by up to 10 min. of questions and presented in a single track session for each of the four topic areas.

Poster presentation (50 min., multi track)

Each poster contributor submits a short 3 minute video presentation two days before the conference. The video can be just a recording of talking through slides or in front of a physical poster.

During the conference, posters will be presented in break-out rooms where there will be an oportunity to ask the presenters questions about their work in a multi track session. Poster sessions are aimed to allow for more interactive presentations and can go beyond showing a PDF of a poster, e.g. can include code demonstrations, etc.